Our Trouble with Tribalism

Tribalism1—(n): 1) a tribal consciousness or loyalty, especially: exaltation of the tribe above other groups. 2) strong in-group loyalty This word, which rocketed to popularity in the 1960s, is currently experiencing another renaissance. Likely the factionalizing of our society has caused this resurgence. We form groups with people who think, act, and believe like we … Continue reading Our Trouble with Tribalism


The Good Life in 2022 (Part 2)

A quick Twitter search of #blessed will yield literally hundreds, if not thousands, of results. Scrolling through these will give you an idea of how popular culture thinks of being blessed. In the brief time I looked at these Tweets, I found shout-outs for homemade beef barley soup, Christian country music, a life that is … Continue reading The Good Life in 2022 (Part 2)


Favorite Books of 2021 (Part II)

Every six months I like to share my top reads in both Christian-living/theology and fiction. Hopefully one of these will strike your fancy. If you’ve got any recommendations for me, I’d love to hear them. I’m always on the prowl for my next great read! Flourish by Lydia Brownback—Brownback tackles a universal problem in her … Continue reading Favorite Books of 2021 (Part II)


What Does Your Life Teach?

Mentoring has become a popular subject, both within and outside of the church. We love characters like Yoda, Obi-wan Kenobi, Albus Dumbledore, Gandalf, and Mr. Miyagi who shape their protegés into heroes. In real life, young up-and-comers rightly look for a seasoned veteran to teach them the tricks of their trade and traps to avoid … Continue reading What Does Your Life Teach?


Prayer Requests for a Heart on Life Support

Prodigal. The dictionary knows that word as an adjective, meaning “lavish” or “wastefully extravagant”; however, the church has appropriated it as a noun, a person who has left the faith of their youth. The more modern terminology knows this person as one who has “de-converted” or “deconstructed” their faith. If you’re anything like me, many … Continue reading Prayer Requests for a Heart on Life Support

A Thanksgiving Warning: Worshiper or Whiner?

Chapters 12-16 of Exodus unfold something like this: Chapter 12: The First Passover—God delivers His people out of slavery in EgyptChapter 13: A call to remember God’s deliverance of His peopleChapter 14: God parts the Red Sea to seal the deliverance of His peopleChapter 16: The people grumble about their hunger; God provides Manna At … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Warning: Worshiper or Whiner?