Endurance Is a Team Sport

Running, biking, swimming, skiing—the sports that require the most physical endurance are individual. Though they may include a team element, the actual competitions require one person to undergo a grueling test of their own personal stamina. When it’s race time, the athlete must find the grit within himself to persevere. He may be able to … Continue reading Endurance Is a Team Sport

Stop Wearing a Mask to Church

Over the past several months, debates, discussions, and arguments over the topic of masks have become commonplace. Do they work? Do they not work? Should you wear one? Should you wear two? Should you respectfully disobey a government mask mandate? I’m not here to answer any of those questions (Hallelujah!). The masks I want to … Continue reading Stop Wearing a Mask to Church


Are You Willing to Reach into the Fire?

Jude is easy to miss in paging from John’s epistles over to Revelation. A mere twenty-five verses long, this brief letter may seem trivial, but it contains vital truths for the church as the earthly brother of Christ compels his readers to contend for the faith. He tells us that “some people, who were designated … Continue reading Are You Willing to Reach into the Fire?