Are You Casual with the Holiness of God?

Imagine that, after suffering a loss on the battlefield, an American army general decided to galvanize his troops by taking the Declaration of Independence into battle. Sounds a little farfetched, I know. What kind of general would play so fast and loose with one of the most precious artifacts in the nation’s history? Though it … Continue reading Are You Casual with the Holiness of God?


God’s Providence Despite Bad Leadership

Esther, the unique Old Testament narrative, could compete with any New York Times bestselling thriller: assassination attempts, conspiracy, hidden identities, vendettas, suspense, romance, and poetic justice. Most curiously, the book never mentions the name of God. Yet, undeniably, one if its major themes is the providence of God. At first, this may seem counterintuitive. How … Continue reading God’s Providence Despite Bad Leadership


God Can’t Wait to Forgive You

Bloodthirsty, vicious, fearsome, violent, wicked, indomitable—these are just a few of the words that describe the ancient Assyrian empire. Though Israel was just a bump in the road to these pillagers, it was a bump they desperately wanted to own. So they started breathing down the neck of God’s chosen people. As they felt the … Continue reading God Can’t Wait to Forgive You

A Thanksgiving Warning: Worshiper or Whiner?

Chapters 12-16 of Exodus unfold something like this: Chapter 12: The First Passover—God delivers His people out of slavery in EgyptChapter 13: A call to remember God’s deliverance of His peopleChapter 14: God parts the Red Sea to seal the deliverance of His peopleChapter 16: The people grumble about their hunger; God provides Manna At … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Warning: Worshiper or Whiner?