A Thanksgiving Warning: Worshiper or Whiner?

Chapters 12-16 of Exodus unfold something like this: Chapter 12: The First Passover—God delivers His people out of slavery in EgyptChapter 13: A call to remember God’s deliverance of His peopleChapter 14: God parts the Red Sea to seal the deliverance of His peopleChapter 16: The people grumble about their hunger; God provides Manna At … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Warning: Worshiper or Whiner?

The Horn of My Salvation

“The great beasts clash horns, each trying to assert his dominance over the other.” I imagine this read by an English or Australian voiceover actor, while the picture shows two mountain goats or rams interlocked in a battle for supremacy. However, it could just as easily summarize the action in one of Daniel’s visions. In … Continue reading The Horn of My Salvation