Was It Actually for Me?

I’ve been studying recently through the prophetic book of Zechariah, written in the years following the Babylonian Captivity. In chapter 7, the people want to know if they’re still required to fast to bring about the end of the exile. God responds with a haunting question: “Was it actually for Me?” This query has gripped my heart since I studied this chapter, and I knew I needed to write about it. What came out was not the typical post, but a poem that I want to share with you today.

I’ve attended every worship service,
Tuned in to every song.
Whether you were confident or nervous,
I’ve watched you sing along.

I don’t care when you go out of tune,
But when your heart is not on-key.
So now I want to ask you:
“Is it actually for Me?”

I’ve seen you teaching Sunday school
To kids who just don’t listen.
You try to be more hip and cool,
But that isn’t what you’re missing.

I’m not concerned about the style;
I see things differently.
And I’ve wondered for quite a while,
Is it actually for me

You went abroad with the youth
On a missions trip last June.
I saw you run the Gospel booth.
Your work I can’t impugn.

But it’s not the work I want to mention;
It’s something else I see.
Please answer this one question:
Was it actually for me?

You read all the right blogs and posts,
The best of cyberspace.
About your profile I sure could boast
And what you do on Insta, Twit, and Face.

But it’s not about the clicks and taps
And all the activity.
It’s another problem, a different lapse:
Is it actually for Me?

You mind all the p’s and q’s
When it comes to theology.
Your orthodoxy can’t be accused,
Needs no apology.

I’m glad you know your facts
And have avoided heresy.
But answer this, don’t just relax:
Is it actually for Me?

I see your heart divided,
Pursuing many loves.
Remember what I’ve provided:
Union with My Son.

His righteousness belongs to you,
A new identity.  
Now you can actually choose
To do all you do for Me.

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