Diving In…

Bible study nerd? Where’d that come from? Let me explain. First of all, I don’t actually think that studying the Bible is nerdy—not at all. However, I am nerdy. And passionate about studying and teaching the Word of God. Marking the text with colored pens/pencils brings a tear to my eye; doing word studies makes my heart go pitter-pat; looking up the Greek verb tense sends me over the edge into giddy (and I’m not normally what you’d call a “giddy” person). I actually even diagram the sentences in the text from time to time. See? Now you get it, right? You’re thinking, “Yikes! She wasn’t kidding. She really is a nerd!”  (You have no idea.) But before you click away to go visit some other site, let me tell you a few other things about me and, more importantly, about what I’d like to do in this space.

  1. Who am I?
    My name is Cindy Matson. I proudly hail from the great state of Wyoming, land of more antelope than people (officially), more tumbleweeds than antelope (unofficially), and one four-year university (Go Cowboys!). While I was born and raised in the West, I transplanted to the Great North of Minnesota after attending college in Wisconsin (even farther north!). I’ve lived in Viking-land for a dozen years now. While I enjoy writing, my day job for the past twelve years was teaching English and Spanish to 7-12 graders (hence the enjoyment of diagramming). Maybe one day I’ll write about exactly how I came to faith in Christ, but for now, please suffice it to say that I believe in a risen Savior who took my sins upon Himself on the cross, suffering righteously in my place, and rising again the third day. Without Him, I have no hope.

    Here are a few things I love: my ridiculously patient husband Pete, my ridiculously cute son Hank, my ridiculously ridiculous dog Huxley, coffee, peanut butter, chocolate, reading, teaching, basketball (playing, coaching, watching), winter, playing the guitar, and the Green Bay Packers (Go, Pack, Go!).

    Here are a few things I hate: humidity, ketchup, the New England Patriots, humidity, stuffing, parades, and humidity.

  2. What are my plans?

I started this blog because after becoming a mother and choosing to stay home, I needed a way to use my brain, an outlet for my nerdiness. In thinking about what type of blog to start, I considered some different options. Of course, there’s the “mommy blog,” but I knew that wasn’t for me. I haven’t been a mom very long, and believe me—I don’t have any wisdom to share! I also considered book reviews and recommendations. After all, anyone who knows me knows that they should stay well away unless they want my latest “great book” recommended ad nauseum. However, many bloggers are already reviewing and recommending—and doing a much better job than I would.

After throwing out a couple other options, I settled on what I hope can be edifying and encouraging to the Christian blogosphere. I am blessed to teach women in a couple of different venues in which I enjoying teaching through books of the Bible and creating studies as we go. What I want this space to be is a companion of sorts to those studies. It seems like I always have something that I want to develop more in my lesson than I really have time to do properly. So here you’ll find my “leftover thoughts” (or maybe just some other rambling that I need to get off my chest). However, if you aren’t a student in one of those classes, no problem. Hopefully, as you consider the text itself as well as my words on it, you will be challenged, edified, and encouraged. My goal is to be true to the text and to practice responsible hermeneutics. I believe the Word of God is inspired, infallible, and sufficient for all that we need for life and godliness. I believe in a literal (or, as Jen Wilkin would say, literate) reading of the text, and I believe that Scripture is the best interpreter of Scripture. However, I also believe that God has gifted the church with brilliant, scholarly minds, and it’s both foolish and arrogant to believe that they have nothing to offer me in my study. I like to study inductively, discovering the meaning of the text for myself, but I am not afraid to turn to scholarship for course-correction or additional insight.

So, I hope you’ll dive in with me. I pray that somehow through my clumsy words I’ll sharpen you and also that I’ll have the humility to allow you to sharpen me.

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