Eight Podcasts I Like

Since we’re all finding ourselves at home a bit more than normal these days, this might be a good time for you to discover the world of podcasts–or to find a new one to enjoy. Free and downloadable, there’s a podcast for pretty much any interest, from fantasy football to The West Wing to reading aloud to your kids. I will be the first to admit that I am not on the cutting edge of this revolution. Most of the podcasts I’m just now discovering have been available for a year or two, if not more; so I’m running the risk of telling you old news. However, maybe there’ll be a new title that will strike your fancy and can give you a little extra boost of encouragement in these strange days of social distancing. A few on my list are geared specifically for women, but the rest are for anyone.

So, in alphabetical order, here we go!

  1. The Briefing, hosted by Albert Mohler (daily, approx 25 min)
    Each weekday, Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, discusses a handful of current news stories, interpreting at them from a biblical worldview. Mohler doesn’t have guests on his show, so the views presented are only his. He deals with a lot of moral issues, such as abortion, gender identity, and the LGBTQ agenda. He’s charitable but objective and biblical. If you’re interested in the news of the day, you’ll probably enjoy this podcast. It’s not meant to be a place to get the news, rather a source to help you think through it—something we could all use a little more of.

  2. Help Me Teach the Bible, hosted by Nancy Guthrie (bi-weekly, approx 45 min)
    This podcast, sponsored by The Gospel Coalition, is mainly for Bible teachers; however, even if you don’t teach a Bible study, you could benefit from Guthrie’s interviews with excellent pastors, teachers, and authors. Most of the time Guthrie and a guest walk through a book of the Bible, its themes, and strategies for teaching it. The chats are winsome and accessible. I’d definitely recommend looking up the book you’re studying now; if Nancy has covered it, I promise you’ll gain some new insights! Additionally, Guthrie has a few topical episodes on subjects such as technology, miracles, and how not to be boring (an important topic for all Bible teachers!).

  3. Journeywomen, hosted by Hunter Beless (weekly, approx. 1 hour)
    This isn’t a new podcast, but I am a new listener, and I’m hooked. As you probably gathered from the title, this one is geared for women. The concept is that we all need help on our journey of faith. Host Hunter Beless interviews a different guest each week on a specific topic, typically pertaining in some way to spiritual growth. Recently she wrapped up a series on discipleship within your local church. She’s also covered the fruit of the Spirit, body image, anger, comparison, and a whole bunch more.

  4. Knowing Faith, hosted by Kyle Worley, J.T. English, and Jen Wilkin (weekly, 30-50 min)
    Hands down my favorite show on this list, Knowing Faith is all about “doing theology together.” The three hosts, Kyle, JT, and Jen, banter with and kid one another, but also dive into heady topics of theology. The show typically follows two arcs through a season: a discussion through a book of the Bible and more theological topic, most recently a line-by-line treatment of the Apostles’ Creed. Knowing Faith is fun while still being helpful. Don’t let the playfulness fool you, though. These three are sharp! You may not agree with everything the hosts say (they sometimes don’t even agree with one another), but they’ll help you think through your position.

  5. Revive Our Hearts, hosted by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth (daily, 25 min)
    This is a classic. You probably don’t need me to tell you that Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth is a skilled Bible teacher dedicated to helping women grow in godliness and biblical womanhood. This show is probably the least “millennial” on the list, but it would be a blessing to women of any age. The show alternates between episodes devoted solely to teaching from Nancy (or another credible teacher) and interviews with authors, pastors, church leaders, or laypeople on a wide variety of topics. And if podcasts aren’t your thing, you can probably find this one on a good old-fashioned radio with knobs and antennas.

  6. Risen Motherhood, hosted by Laura Wifler and Emily Jensen (weekly, approx 30 min)
    Sisters-in-law Laura and Emily host this show dedicated to helping mothers live out the Gospel in the throes of parenting. These women are in the thick of it themselves and would be the first to admit that they don’t have all the answers; but they recognize it that we’re all in this together and we need the good news of the Gospel to get through the rigors of motherhood. They’ve dealt with topics such as kids with special needs, praying for your children, finding rest, and traveling with kids. This podcast will be a gospel-centered encouragement to you if you have kids at home.

  7. Thirty Minutes with the Perrys, hosted by Preston and Jackie Hill Perry (not specified, 30 min)
    Preston and Jackie literally record this podcast in a closet while their kids take naps. They generally deal with topics, such as gender identity, toxic friendships, church hurt, and being afraid to talk about Jesus, though occasionally they’ll dive into a particular passage of Scripture. The Perrys love the Word of God but have a very different background and live in a different setting than my own, so I appreciate their views. They’re not afraid of the big topics, and they help me get outside my box and think about things from a different perspective—and I need that.

  8. What Should I Read Next? hosted by Anne Bogel (weekly, approx 1 hour)
    This one is totally secular, and, as the show’s introduction says, it’s “dedicated to answering the question that plagues every reader: What should I read next?” Host Anne Bogel talks with a different guest each week, discussing books and a mutual love of reading. Anne then asks for three books the guest loves, one they don’t, and one they’re currently reading. With that information, she makes three recommendations for the guest’s next read. Of course the literary tastes of some guests resonate a bit more than others, but as a book nerd, I usually find that it’s worth a listen.

So there you go—eight podcasts that could liven up your commute, walk, run, or indoor/outdoor chores. Though I recommend these shows, I do not necessarily endorse everything that they say. We should always listen with discernment, whether it’s the evening news, a Sunday sermon, or a podcast—but you knew that already.  Happy listening!

Have a recommendation for me? I’d love to hear it. Just leave a comment. Thanks!

Note: I’ve linked to each podcast’s homepage. However, I think you can subscribe to most of them through whatever music app you use.

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