Yesterday, I addressed the topic of fearing people. I finished by saying the antidote to that problem is fearing God. Today I’d like to share a poem I wrote for a children’s program at our church. I hope that it will assist you in standing in awe of our incomprehensible but knowable God.


He disclosed Himself to Moses
And said, “I AM THAT I AM”:
Yahweh, the covenant name
Of the God of Abraham.

You’ve heard this name time and again,
But how often have you found
Yourself stopping…and thinking…
And stepping onto Jehovah’s holy ground?

He’s revealed to us all that we need
To know Him to the right degree;
Yet all that we do not know
Could fill eternity.

His greatness is unsearchable,
Yet we never stop our searching;
His magnitude inscrutable,
Yet we never stop our learning.

You cannot craft a God like ours
And somehow make Him understood.
You cannot capture all His wonder
With ivory, silver, gold, or wood.

We see Him now through murky glass,
Restrained by our humanity.
We stand here now on just the fringes
Of unfathomable deity.

Though we fatigue and tire out,
The LORD of Hosts has never yawned.
He ordains the sun to rise
And wake us with the light of dawn.

He counts each flake of snow that falls
And keeps the oceans in their place.
He knows the name of ev’ry star
He made and hung in outer space.

The nations are but a drop to Him
And though they rage and war,
One single word from Jehovah God,
And peace on earth would be restored.

He’s never known a mystery,
Never stopped to cogitate.
A challenger cannot touch His throne.
He never will negotiate.

He knows each day that lies ahead
With the certainty of today.
He orchestrates his providence
With neither hurry nor delay.

We know that He’s transcendent
Not one of us, but above;
Yet His immanence is near us,
That we may know the God of love.

All the qualities we know as God
He possesses in infinity;
We can never scrape the bottom
Of our God’s immensity.

We all get taller and outgrow our shoes,
Learn to write and spell our names;
But immutable God does not learn or change;
From everlasting He’s the same.

All-knowing, all-powerful,
And eternally all-present,
God’s incomprehensible,
And always self-existent.

If we could fathom all the others
By one puzzling truth we’d be undone.
How can God be three separate persons
And yet united all in one?

We do not know the answer,
And we’re sure we never will.
But that doesn’t stop our thirsting
To know Him better still.

We are astounded in our study of God,
Though we’ve had but one small sip.
While the subject may be endless,
Praise from the shallows falls from our lips!

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