The Story of Scripture: Limerick Style! (Part 1)

I have a problem. I love to write limericks. I also have a burden for the Church to understand the storyline of the Bible. So today, I’m going to combine those passions and begin an overview of the story of Scripture through limericks. This is not deep theology, but it is kind of fun. Enjoy the first installment.

God created the stars, plants, and wood;
He proclaimed over all, “It is good.”
In His image made man,
That’s how the story began
When everything went as it should.

Then the serpent sought to tempt Eve
And asked her, “Do you believe?”
Though they knew what was right
Adam and she took a bite,
Then tried to hide behind leaves.

Things were about to get worse:
God came and pronounced a dread curse,
But He promised a seed
Who would conquer indeed.
The serpent’s win His death would reverse.

We read on about many men’s deaths
We are really in the thick of a mess!
Is there any way out?
That’s what the story’s about.
One Man who all creation will bless.

Every man’s heart was rebellious and dark,
So God told Noah, “Build a large ark!”
Some thought it insane,
Noah’s faith it would rain,
But the mockers soon swam with the sharks.

God chose Abram to father a nation
From which He would author salvation:
“I’ll show you the land,
On which your descendants will stand.
Now trust me in your relocation.”

To Abram Isaac was born:
The son that they’d been waiting for.
Then Isaac had twins,
So the nation begins;
The next gen will add even more.

Jacob was given 12 sons,
But over all he favored just one.
Young Joe was his fave,
So a bright jacket he gave,
But by his brothers Joseph was shunned.

They sold him for silver as a slave,
To their father a sob tale they gave.
But God sov’reignly planned
To put Joe in command
And from famine His people to save.

They went to Egypt for corn meal,
And before Joseph his brothers did kneel.
He could have been rude,
But Joe gave them their food;
And so the family was healed.

In Egypt the fam stayed for a while,
And brought forth child after child.
Since their number was large,
The Pharaoh in charge
Did something quite cruel and wild.

To be continued….

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